Our capabilities

What our team can offer you in services and products.



We are a full-stack production team with the ability to film full-scale movies. What makes us stand out though is that we have decided to bring these creative talents specifically to the tourism industry. All of your filming needs, in one place.

Post Production

No matter how good the filming of a project, or the quality of the capture, without a determined and highly talented post-production team, the efforts will always fall short. Post-production is where the real magic of film-making happens.

Web Design

We help plan, paying attention to business or user goals, to design and develop creative websites that you can be proud of, including making sure you take a mobile-first approach in an ever changing digital world.

App Design

Whatever your business goals are, incorporating mobile technology could enable you to build stronger relationships with your customers and create more opportunity that generates extra value for your business.

Sound Design

One of the best ways to engage customers or fans is to make them feel something, and sound design is a strong portal into that feeling spectrum that can truly engage an audience in a meaningful way.

Logo Design

It could be your business, it could be for a product, or even a business card that helps close a huge client, but having a strong logo sets the tone for all future relationships. It’s your signature on a great company. 


Some of the best companies in the world sometimes require an outside perspective. We have advised education technology companies, space companies, nuclear energy companies, tourism boards, hotel chains and even real estate investment groups. We love to help our clients problem solve.


We help you speak in a way and write in a way which deeply resonates with your target audience. We start by understanding the journey of your customer and help you transform their journey across the line from someone who has never heard of your product or service, to someone who is deeply immersed.

Business Development

Whatever service you choose with Rove, it’s important to know that ultimately we want to help you sell it. Whether it’s design, idea creation, storytelling, or marketing, our goals are always aligned with helping you sell. 



What were once considered virtual shop windows have now taken on more meaning. A website is a chance to engage an audience and educate them on what your mission is, and what you have that can benefit their lives. 

Marketing Kit

Customers and audiences still love to receive tangible resources, especially those in the B2B space. We help you design and architect the perfect marketing kit to impress your audience, and convert more customers.

Corporate Reel

Video Content Marketing is the number one form of marketing in recent times. We have taken that one step further helping clients promote their overall mission, products and services, with beautiful cinematic reels.

Media Toolkit

Founded for the purpose of recovery and re-entry strategies to help tourism boards inform their audiences and stay engaged, our toolkits now help all types of companies stay relevant while entertaining and educating.


Multi-purpose media that can be shown at conferences, ran as television ads, used across screens at airports, or even shown on tiny seat screens for travelers to see while flying, we specialize in this product. 


Given our team is full of story tellers and creatives who truly love what they do, it makes perfect sense that documentaries engage and stimulate our team at its core. We love creating informative and entertaining media.


Never seen before in the tourism industry, this revolutionary product will change how DMOs think about story telling, and it’s lifespan. Covid-19 has delayed the launch of this product, but the world waits with anticipation.