Epic Setter

This is going to be the start of an incredible journey and this call with your epic mentor can help determine your success!

Are you on the fence, or considering whether this is the right fit for you? Are you ready to make drastic change and take action to get yourself the life you want using M&A as your vehicle?

As a Master Coaching Member, you’ll have access to every possible advantage, approach, strategy, resource, connection and tool we personally use for our own acquisitions at your disposal. This is a true network of coaches doing their own deals and a driven community of relentless learners and action takers. The stronger your success, the stronger our network As a collective. It’s why our culture is that we win together!

Before you book your strategy session, let your journey with us begin right now, with the integrity that our collective values instill. If you book a time with one of our Business Mentors, make sure you show up to your call prepared, with a pen and paper, and are available to learn and take action based on your individual needs.

Download our Investor Deal Book to see a collection of real world deals, breakdowns and stories from our community members.

If for any reason you think you will have to reschedule or will not be able to make the call, we want you to wait. And come back to us when your mindset and your needs are aligned. As mentioned previously, this isn’t a get rich scheme, this is a truly profound knowledge set that will change not only your future financial success, but also the way you think, and plan your future, both personally and professionally.

Lastly, and most importantly, as you book your call and begin to plan this next phase of your life (as we like to say, the most fun phase). We want you to write down 3-5 tangible goals for yourself, and bring those to to the call. As remember, this call is about you, and leveraging us to accelerate your success.

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