Your Success As A Business Buyer Comes Down To ONE fundamental Principle:

Finding Profitable Deals By Quickly Failing Bad Ones

So how do we do this? By learning from the World’s Smartest Safest Program to ensure your output, and leveraging exclusive access to the Acquisition Council. 

My name is Daniel Sweet, and I approve this message.


i built zerotoLOi because of a huge gap...

The gap was the space between theory and practice. Students, buyers and entrepreneurs learning how to acquire a small business invested heavily in what turned out to be a lot of very good theory. But there was no translation of that theory into practice. And no antidote for the imposter syndrome and analysis paralysis.

Today my employees who have zero business experience use this exact OS to successfully analyze any acquisition…the results speak for themselves. Installing this OS into your brain will allow you to do the heavy lifting in a clear and concise manner to stress test your deals.

Buying companies is very much theory but more importantly practice. Disciplined, diligent and good old fashioned determined practice. The reality is that over 90% of the deals you encounter or pursue will not be worth your time. You accelerating your understanding of this reality by applying the efficient process I will teach and then train you on is the missing piece to you achieving your wildest goals.

We leave the hype at the door, so you can see more & achieve more!

After working with hundreds of members, reviewing hundreds of deals, and successfully closing deals for myself and my business partners…

I can confidently tell you the one skill that makes this possible is knowing how to analyze deals.

It’s the one thing that I consistently find that holds so many talented people back…

I’ve been involved with business-oriented technology for the last 27 years, I’ve run an acquisition and operations company for the past several years, and I also acquire businesses for a living. I buy companies, grow them, and prepare them for exit.

So I’ve gone through the process you may be experiencing now.

It is because of this that I have created an OS (operating system) for you to integrate into your journey. By following this tried and tested blueprint you will be able to identify red flags, avoid the trickery, and do your own research that allows you to accurately see what a company is really worth.

What deals are worth your time and what deals are a waste of time?

We focus on THREE things…


The ability to FIND profitable deals.

The ability to FOCUS only on the most profitable deals.

The ability to FAIL deals that are not worth your time.

We leave the hype at the door, so you can Close more!

You learn what is required behind the scenes

This is where the ZEROtoLOI Apprenticeship is different from every other business buying course or offering out there. It may not be as sexy as being told you will be a millionaire in a matter of months after you have learned what it is you need to learn, but what this does give you, is a clear path of action with a group of like-minded individuals who will hold you accountable and stay with you until you reach the finish line. Most importantly, until you reach your goals.

ZeroToLoi is focused on making sure you do the necessary work to GET A DEAL DONE! Not just any deal either, but the right deal!

the World's smartest SAFEST first 6-star PROGRAM TO optimize your OUTPUT

So what does the ZeroToLoi Apprenticeship look like?

A hands-on, LIVE and interactive instruction, coaching, and real-world practice intensive that teaches you the skills you need to find, evaluate, and purchase a business with a team of instructors and coaches who have heard it all and will help guide you to success. 

(Our sixth star is your North Star – the Acquisition Council to stress test your deals.)

ZEROtoLOI Apprenticeship


Step-by-Step Process with Real-time Practice on Live Deals.


Done With You Live Business Evaluation and Strategy


Help in Building Deal Team


of Provided Dealflow

So what are you waiting for? Book a clarity call below with one of our advisors to evaluate whether you are a good fit for our next UPCOMING cohort.